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Positioning of sites

What is it?

  • Positioning your website you are visible at the forefront of search engine results for the keywords from your business.
  • Only your site in the top 10 of Google will be significant
What is it?

Why us?

  • The website is managed by the best positioning agency in your country
  • Full view of results
  • We build know-how of many companies
  • Free optimisation of your website

We give you

  • Traffic increase
  • Dominance over competitors
  • Prestige
  • Credibility
  • Substantial cashflow
What gives?

Methods of payment

  • Payment only when appears in TOP 10
  • The agreement for 12 months
  • No effect in 3 months - cancel your agreement


  • Financial insurance of your position
  • Availability monitoring of your website
  • Identical and verified agreement for all
  • Individual supervision by your personal assistant

This is all
you can have
for free

earn with us

The functionality of the platform

The benefits of working
position monitoring
Valuation and start
SMS report of failure monitoring
The effectiveness
Monthly reports
Multi-language positioning ​
Cost reduction to 0 by recommendations
Google Analytics, Google Console, Opinion Google Local
10 minutes
work with Top5 best SEO agencies
By the system of recommendations use the service free
Positioning agencies
48 hours
The high risk of choosing


91, 8% positioned phrases in received the items on the first page of Google (Top 10) after just 3 months!

Position monitoring

Position monitoring on an ongoing basis

You will get access to the panel monitoring your daily entries in a search engine.

Monitoring of failure

Monitoring of failure

Everyday we monitor the availability of your site. In case of failure you will receive emergency SMS. You are in control of the situation with us.

Monthly reports


Do you want to feel control over the situation on your part? Each month you will receive a full report of the actions and effects.

Multi-language Positioning

Positioning service in many languages

Run business in different countries? You are import, export ? With will be high with us all over the world.

Command system

Reduce costs to $ 0

Satisfied with the results? Recommend it with your friends. You will receive a commission on each of their payment. Your positioning can be completely free!

Connection to Google

Connection to Google

We will help you install Google Analytics Statistics, Google Console and the business card in Google Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly you will see the result?

The result is usually within 2-3 months. It is possible to use unethical SEO methods to exist even in two weeks, but we do not identify with such methods, as it usually ends after some time with penalties from the search engines and the page completely disappears. We focus on stable, long-term, high positions. For quick results, we offer a package of sponsored links like AdWords.

What data do you need from me? What will you do within the page?

At the beginning of cooperation we proceed to optimise and repair your page. This provides substantial benefits for positioning. We do not change visually your website, we change only the website code. The exposure of your keywords, HTML and CSS improvement, page plugging under the Google tools, etc. We will need the access for about 3 days: Accounts FTP (folder with the site), CMS - admin page.

The positioning will be safe?

Yes use only and only search engine friendly methods , recommended by their employees. In addition, we Financial insurance! The first to give a guarantee of security - that we will pay you for each day of unavailability pages our fault for penalties from the search engines!

How can I check the position? Can I trust you as to the true position?

You will get access to the monitoring panel Your selections daily in your browser. One click go to the real position in the search engine and you make sure at all times. In addition, you'll receive our monthly report.

What if everyone in the industry wants to position itself at you?

To a large extent it depends on the following conditions and commitment:
  • a) Select niche phrases - provide an easier, faster start, customers are more precise
  • b) Need page plenty of valuable content
  • c) Act fast - Those who started early have a slightly better chance of TOP10
  • d) Working with us receive advice on how to support positioning, betray a few tricks on how to achieve better results. Also have an impact on positioning
  • e) It is better to be in Positioning TOP10 than forgive competition.
From hit to the best agencies in the country. But in this case it does not matter alone agency, it's important that your website will differentiate - we can help you!

How are the prices calculated?

Prices are based on the difficulty of the positioning, are factors such as:
  • Region Positioning: city / whole country
  • how many words consist phrase
  • The amount of monthly searches in the browser
  • competition

Is it possible to terminate the contract?

The contract is concluded for a minute. 12 months, but of course there is the possibility of its termination! If our work would not be satisfactory for you and the party did not appear to be the first places the search after 3 months, you have full right to terminate the contract!

What is the settlement?

The customer panel displays current daily cost positioning settled based on the effects of the TOP 10. At the end of the month is generated invoice with a maturity of 7 days. Payment can be made by deposit account, credit card or through PayPal.
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