Privacy Policy reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Every site visitor current Privacy Policy located at

Any changes do not affect the basic principle: not sell or provide personal information to third parties or address customers / users

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not visit the site

Personal Data

When using the pages that belong to you may be asked to provide certain personal information by filling out a form or otherwise. The data will be asked, in most cases, address and phone e-mail.

Unexpected messages

Service reserves the right to send unsolicited messages to people whose contact information is and who agreed to Privacy Policy.

The term 'unsolicited messages Service understand the information relating directly to its websites and services (eg., changes, promotions), non-profit (eg. greetings etc.).

Cookies (cookies) Some areas may use cookies, which are small text files sent to the computer, identifying it as needed to simplify or cancel the operation.

Cookies are harmless for the computer or its user and his danych.Warunkiem cookies work is their acceptance by the browser and not removing them from the disk.

If you have questions please contact us via the contact form.


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